Lori Singer People Magazine Article 1995

SHE'S AN ACCOMPLISHED CELLIST, SEASONED BASKETBALL PLAYER and—on Fox's new cyberdrama VR.5—gets into gigabytes of trouble every time she puts on the gloves that unlock the door to virtual reality. So it's no surprise that Lori Singer, 32, rates "my fingers" her bestteature. The rest of her is ravishing too. "She has great beauty' " says VR.5 executive producer John Sacret Young. "But she's also wonderfully klutzy," Growing up in Corpus Christi, Texas, Singer tried to compensate: "I wore petticoats, and I wanted to be a dancer." Instead she followed her mother, Leslie, a pianist, and her late father, Jacques, a symphony conductor, into classical music. The 1982 TV series Fame led to her striking turn in 1984's Foot-loose. Now married with a 4-year-old son, Singer skips meals ("I still manage to eat a lot") and moisturizers ("I use them for a couple of days and then stop"), but not Michael Jordan. "I love to watch him with a basketball," she says. "It's like watching Baryshnikov." Watching Singer is a virtual pleasure.

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