Jesse Borrego BOP interview 1986

From An Unhappy Past to FAME!
No one said life is fair but Jesse, who stars on TV's Fame, refuses to let his painful past get him down!
Ever Since 23 year old Jesse Borrego won the role of Jesse Velasquez on Fame life has been one joy after another.
"When I first joined the show last year, everyone on the series was so supportive of me, it was incredible", begins Jesse who was born on August 1st 1962. "I'm real lucky because we're all close friends. I hang out a lot with my co-ctars, Nia Peeples (Nicole), Billy Hufsey (Christopher) and Carlo Imperato (Danny)".
But Life hasn't always treated brown eyed Jesse so kindly. In fact his Childhood was filled with a great deal of pain and unhappiness. Recalling his growing up years, where he was born and raised in San Antonio, Texas, Jesse Begins:
"My parents were never around when I was a young boy so I was never close to them. I never felt like I really had a home", notes 5 feet 8 Jesse, who is the second oldest of three sisters and one brother. 
"Then my Father left my family and my Mother remarried. And like my real Dad my step father was heavily involved in drugs. I just had to escape from it all", he remembers sadly.
Out of desperation Jesse and his younger brother, Jaime ran away from home and headed to their grand parents house in San Francisco, California. After awhile the two young boys left this home too.
Fianlly, Jesse and Jaime returned to Texas to live with their other grand parents (on their mothers side) where they found love and security at last. 
"I owe my grand parents so much", says grateful Jesse. "They never tried to change me. All they did was love and support me for who I was". "And they said "no matter what you do you'll always have a home with us". It was the first time I felt like I had a home".
Luckily for Jesse, his troubled past has resulted in an admireable quality - his drive to succeed.
"I've been able to turn all my negative experiences into something positive", he prides.  "I became a very strong person through it all. Everytime my Mum said "you'll never amount to anything". I said to myself "yes I will - I'll show you". 
With a golden career ahead of him and lots of newly found friendships, Jess has everything a guy could want... Except for one thing!
"I've never really been in love", he says with some honesty. "Sometimes I say to myself "Gee it'd be great to fall in love". And I'm a real romantic too - I love to writing letters and sending flowers to girls", he smiles.
If you'd like to say "hi" to Jesse, why not do it now. You can reach him in care of BOP  PO Box 2592 Hollywood, CA 90078.  
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