Debbie Allen On Wogan 1987

YouTube Video

In 1987 Debbie Allen appeared on U.K. TV chat show "Wogan".
It was a real surprise when I tuned into "Wogan" one weekday evening and Debbie was announced as a guest. The Fame series had ended in the U.K. a couple of years before and it was difficult to find TV and magazines  articles about the show. 
I knew Debbie was in Stratford Upon Avon which was about 50 miles from where I lived and I considered going along to see if I could meet Debbie at the stage door but I'd never been there before and it was such a long shot of meeting her. 
This is a great interview and Debbie is so positive and funny. I love her engery at trying to teach Terry to dance "oh good that's Michael" she utters as the music starts. 
Th interview talks about Fame and Lydia as well as her life at the time as she was setting up the musical "Carrie". I love her statement that "All of Lydia is a little bit of Debbie", she just seems so real.
Her mistake with Linzi Hately's name is a little awkward but apart from that I love to hear Debbie talk as she is such an inspiration. 

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