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“Starmaker”  is written by Bruce Roberts & Carole Bayer Sager and performed by the Kids From Fame who are Debbie Allen, Lee Curreri, Erica Gimpel, Carlo Imperato, Valerie Landsburg, PR Paul, Gene Anthony Ray and Lori Singer.
It was released in September 1982 on RCA records and reached number 3 on the U.K. singles chart making it the biggest hit to come from the Kids from Fame, spending 10 weeks on the chart.  The B Side in the U.K. was "Step Up To The Mike".
The song was featured twice during the first season of the fame TV series in 2 seperate episodes "The Strike" and "A Special Palce". It was then re-recorded by the cast for the Kids from fame Album and "Starmaker" single version. The new version features the whole cast but fades out and has no proper ending.
During "The Strike"  a short version featuruing the first verse and chorus but including a piano ending was used while clips of the students and teachers were shown.   
During "A Special Place” the full version of the song was performed by the cast with the piano ending but did not feature Erica Gimpel who was not in that episode. The song was performed as a tribute to Michael Thoma who played drama Greg Crandal. Thoma had been disgnosed with cancer and this was his last eprformance on the show. This performance was used widely as the video to promote the single on TV even though it differed to the actual recorded version.
The song was parodied by a number of TV comedy shows, most notably by Little and Large who performed "Stargazer" to astomoner Patrick Moore.
At the end of 1982 & start of 1983 the cast toured the U.K. and a live version of "Starmaker" was recorded and released on the Kids From Fame Live album. This version featured Debbie Allen, Lee Curreri, Erica Gimpel, Carlo Imperato, Gene Anthony Ray, Lori Singer and the Waters backing group.
A second live version was recorded for an Israeli concert which was screened on TV as part of the 3rd season of Fame. This version was the same as the first live version but Valerie Landsburg replaced Lori Singer who had now left the show.
In 2003 at a BBC Fame reunion original cast members Debbie Allen, Lee Curreri, Erica Gimpel, Carlo Imperato, Valerie Landsburg and Gene Anthony Ray reuited and performed the song again.   

UK Back Cover sleeve and alternative sleeves from other countries:

Dutch Cover


                                                             Spanish Cover

Lyrics to Starmaker:
Here as I watch the ships go by
I'm rooted to my shore
I keep asking myself why
And if there's more on the other side
Here as I see the friends I thought I made
A little bit crazed and knowing now
We've outgrown one another

Star maker
Dream breaker
Soul taker
We're happy now

Now when I see the things I want
I can take the things I see
But I keep asking myself why
And if there ain't just a little bit more for me
Here when it's time to count the cost
I keep measuring what I've lost
And wondering if you knew
It would all end up with you

Star maker
Dream breaker
Soul taker
We're happy now
Here as I watch the time go by
How I'd like to sail away
Leaving all my past behind
But I know I'd only last for a couple of days
Here stands everything I thought I made
It's the only life I know
And I can't even call it my own
I've got no hope, I belong to you

My star maker
Dream breaker
Soul taker
We're happy now
We're so happy now